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The Orange Tops of Europe

The color, orange, dominates many a skyline in Europe. It could be the well-preserved old town of Prague, or the Renaissance capital of Italy – Florence. Another city that’s all orange is Dubrovnik, sitting pretty on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia. Orange-topped sisters by coincidence, I think.

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The Jewel of Croatia – annnd it’s not Dubrovnik…

While planning our visit to Croatia this fall, one place that was constantly on my list for the last year or more, was the Plitvice Lakes National Park. In fact, it was the reason I decided to visit Croatia in the first place. Pristine emerald and turquoise-colored lakes, the verdant woods, miles of wooden walk-boards right next to the lakes and the numerous waterfalls – Google it and you’ll know what I mean.

When the actual day of our visit came, it brought with it, forecasts of heavy downpour and fog. If there’s anything that can make your heart sink in a minute second on a vacation, it’s exactly this weather forecast – especially when you’re headed to the great outdoors. Having no reserve day to postpone our visit to, we got on the bus from Zadar and kept hoping that the weatherman would once again (when it mattered) be wrong.

Our prayers were not answered. We got off at the Park in the middle of a drizzle and thick fog and spent the first hour going around in circles looking for the Tourist Information Centre (where we could leave our big bags). That’s the thing with fall weather – it’s always iffy; you could have a beautiful day of sunshine followed by a cold, damp day. However, the colours of the outdoors are at their most beautiful in fall too – the yellows, oranges and reds taking over from the greens.

In the end, the fog did decide to lift for a few minutes now and then, and we managed to catch glimpses of the stunning beauty of this wonder of nature. Here are a few pictures from our day out.