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Hello there!

You’ve heard it before – young dreamy-eyed person goes abroad and falls in love with travelling. Fast forward to the present and a not-so-young me still spends all of her office leave and a disproportionate share of her money on trying to see the world. 

3 Weeks and a Shoestring is a collection of stories and ponderings from the past and the present as I travel around the world (or make ambitious plans to) with a tight budget and three weeks of annual vacation leave from my full-time job. I hope it gives you some practical tips and tricks, and a distraction from the daily hum-drum. So many places to go, such little time!

In case you’re looking to reach me, please email me on 3weeksandashoestring@gmail.com or find me on Twitter – @3wks_shoestring.

23 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Thanks for the follow! I love the layout and look of your blog. I too have a full time office job and spend all my spare time planning the next small trip – one day I dream of getting on the road permanently! Looking forward to following your adventures!


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Escapes from an office cubicle with three weeks of annual leave

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