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Inside Dippy’s Home: London

The British Museum of Natural History in London gives you an unusual welcome at the front door. Inside the main hall of the museum stands a 100+ feet cast of a dinosaur known as the Diplodocus. A crowd favourite, this skeleton even has a nickname – ‘Dippy’.

Dippy and the elaborate dinosaur section are one of the top crowd-pullers at the museum, but what a lot of visitors don’t know is that Dippy isn’t a real dinosaur skeleton – he’s a fibreglass replica of the original one in Pittsburgh in the US. Oh, and he’s going to be taken down and replaced by a blue whale skeleton soon (not that soon actually – in 2017, so you still have time to go see him).

Coming back to the topic, this is a shot of the main hall of the museum and Dippy’s current home. The photo was taken from the other symmetrical end of the hall, near the Giant Sequoia tree trunk (the museum really is filled with wonders, I tell you).

Natural History Museum, London - the Main Hall that is Dippy's home
Natural History Museum, London – the Main Hall that is Dippy’s home (click to see larger)

 This post is inspired by The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symmetry.” (click to see more responses)