Like Looking into a Mirror: Versailles

A hunting lodge by origin, that ended up being the seat of the French Government and royalty and now figures on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Palace of Versailles has seen its share of glory and continues to bask in it, to this day.

If like me, you’re hungering after some non-palace, non-museum time in Paris (all that sightseeing can get heavy on the head), the Palace is an easy hop from the city and has extensive and perfectly manicured lawns, that one can happily spend a sunny summer, or even winter dayΒ in.

On a still autumn Sunday, the many fountains were given rest for the day and undisturbed, the Bassin d’Apollo‘s edge seemed to divide a symmetrical world into near-perfect halves.

Near-perfect halves

Versailles 023

Halves make a story whole here: “Half and Half.”

10 thoughts on “Like Looking into a Mirror: Versailles”

  1. Some years ago I visited Versailles in winter and was actually very disappointed (sadly). There were no flowers to be seen in the garden (though that was to be expected), but also all of the statues had been covered in unsightly tarpaulins to protect them from the frost and the interior of the palace was taken up with, of all things, a modern art exhibition! It was quite a clash of aesthetic styles. I’m hoping to go back one day in spring or summer – I think it will be nicer then πŸ™‚


    1. Oh, sorry to hear that – I think I got lucky with good weather when I went, even though it was autumn and no flowers, but the leaves were colorful enough to compensate. I also think I went with no great expectations, hence came back easily pleased. πŸ™‚

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