Carved by the Wind: Cappadocia, Turkey

Wind and water erosion create magic in the Cappadocia region of Turkey.

Chiseled by thousands of years of non-stop pounding and grinding by the Forces of Nature, the Cappadocian landscape is dominated by rocky valleys of varied hues and towers shaped like mushrooms, cones and chimneys. What’s even more interesting is that some of these rock formations were (and a few still are) inhabited by people who carved into the towers and chimneys to create their unique dwellings, some above and some even below the ground. You could explore the region by foot with many easy-to-moderate hikes in the valleys (check out our hike in the Rose and Love Valleys here) or rent a scooter or even an ATV. Even better, take a hot air balloon ride at dawn to witness the unique landscape coming to light from the air. And definitely stay at one of the cave hotels around town, for your own experience of living it up like the Flintstones.

Earth or Moon? You decide.

(A segment of one of the Star Wars movies is claimed to be shot here – I wouldn’t be surprised)





8 thoughts on “Carved by the Wind: Cappadocia, Turkey”

      1. we did a balloon ride finally but it turned out we had a crash landing in the bushes!!! And champaigne was served in the end with a tip box discreetly kept nearby.


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