Friday Flashback – When the Black Forest Turned White…

We’re all snowed in.

Pforzheim – the City of Gold (literally, Goldstadt in German). Home for a few months six years ago. Gateway to the Northern Black Forest. And totally off the tourist map.

The city lies just at the edge of the Black Forest – famed for its hikes, cuckoo clocks and Black Forest gâteau. The University of Pforzheim is on a hill adjoining these very woods – an absent-minded, leisurely afternoon stroll at the university could land you straight into this popular attraction.

This picture is from a cold December morning at the university, after a night of heavy snowfall. It continued to snow for the next few days – painting the entire landscape in different shades of grey – a heaving, overcast sky; flakes in the air; cars and trees cloaked with inches of snow and roads that used to be but had now disappeared.

Photo taken at Hochschule Pforzheim (December ’08)

P.S. Here’s wishing you a fantastic 2015, I hope this year brings you all the adventures and non-adventures that you wish for!

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